When you are as close as spouses can get, it is easy to tell when something is wrong with the other partner. Admitting that your husband is having a hard time with alcoholism is difficult for most wives. However, it is wise, to be honest with yourself and acknowledge the signs when they become noticeable. What are signs your husband is an alcoholic?

Your husband may have been drinking for years, but it wasn’t a problem before. Knowing when drinking has become a problem is what most spouses do not understand. You cannot be able to help your husband unless you have seen and acknowledged his alcoholism.

Signs Your Husband is Struggling with Alcoholism

Noticing the danger signs and taking action fast can not only save your family but your partner’s life as well. Ignoring the signs or rationalizing them can only be at your peril. Signs that might indicate that your husband has an alcohol disorder include:

  • Strong urges or cravings for alcohol
  • Drinking despite knowing the consequences won’t be good
  • Fighting to stop drinking but being unable to
  • Drinking longer or more than they intended to
  • Spending too much time drinking or being hungover
  • Quitting their hobbies in favor of drinking
  • Drunk driving
  • Experiencing blackouts after drinking
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after stopping for a while, such as nausea, insomnia, and shaking
  • Need to drink more drinks than usual to get the same effects they did before

What Are Signs Of An Alcoholic Husband

Knowing When to Seek Help for an Alcoholic Husband

Many signs can let you know when it’s time to seek professional help for your alcoholic husband. Mostly it is how he looks, how they behave, and the consequences that are there. Some of the signs that should indicate to you that he needs professional help include,

Shirking Responsibilities to Drink

As the drinking takes its toll, your husband might start overlooking some things that he knows are his responsibility. These might be minute duties such as taking out the trash or fixing broken things around the house. He might also start absconding from work after bouts of heavy drinking.

Making Risky Choices When Drinking

He might start putting himself in dangerous situations when drunk. He might use electric tools when intoxicated or getting behind the wheel. Using machinery that can cause him serious injury is another example. Making choices that pose a threat to his well-being should not be ignored.

Giving Up His Hobbies

If your husband has given up his favorite pastime to get more time to drink, then it’s a red flag. Maybe he used to read a book, bicycle riding, hike, jogging, or even used to visit the gym but has suddenly lost interest in favor of drinking home alone. It is time for you to seek help.

signs of an alcoholic husband

Not Caring About Your Relationship

If his drinking is becoming a barrier between you and him, then it’s a problem. Alcohol might be becoming an essential thing in his life, and he is putting you on the backburner. It can be extremely damaging to your relationship since he will start taking you for granted.

He Might Be Undergoing Financial Difficulties

In most cases, an alcoholic will feel the urge to drink every day. His drinking will shape his daily activities. Alcohol will dispense a significant amount of his income. family relations will strain. Money problems can cause a lot of stress in your marriage and bring about stress-related ailments to you.

His Physical Health Might be Deteriorating

He might be nursing an injury that he sustained while drinking. Alternatively, he might be undergoing an overall decline in his health. For example, he could be having problems with his digestive system, low immunity, or even alcohol poisoning.
He might also be undergoing some mental health challenges such as trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Unsuccessfully Trying To Quit Drinking

He has tried to quit drinking severally but has relapsed every time, which might mean that he cannot deal with the awful withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can occur even after reducing his alcohol intake.

What You Should You Do if You Think Your Husband is an Alcoholic

After noticing the signs and acknowledging that your husband is experiencing an alcohol disorder, the next step should be to help him seek help. You should seek help for him and your family as well. A good detox clinic should be used to get through the alcohol withdrawal symptoms, because without proper medical treatment, alcohol withdrawal can be deadly.

Signs Your Husband is Struggling with Alcoholism

Most recovery centers will offer both treatments for alcohol disorders as well as mental health disorders. Involving the whole family can be more beneficial because it will allow each member to express the effects of his alcohol abuse on their individual lives. It will also give him the support that he genuinely needs at that point.

The substance abuse specialist at Better Wellness Group would love to help get your husband on the right path to an alcohol-free life.