You may wonder how this addiction can ever be conquered if you or a loved one is struggling to overcome substance abuse. Fortunately, it is possible to become healthy and sober once more with the help of inpatient intensive therapy. There are ways to support a friend who is addicted. Here is a guide to help you or someone you care about to get started in overcoming addiction in three steps. 

Three Steps to Overcome Substance Abuse

How to Overcome Substance Abuse in Three Steps

1. Decide to Change

Making any major life change begins with deciding that it is the right move for you. The obstacles are impossible to overcome if you are forced to change. It is normal to feel uncertain about your ability to succeed. When you’ve made a commitment, constantly remind yourself of the reasons to seek out drug addiction treatment and set specific goals.

Reach Out for Support

2. Reach Out for Support

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, reaching out for help can be hard. It is almost impossible to overcome drug and alcohol abuse on your own. Find friends and family who will support you during your recovery. You may need to create a sober network if your previous social circle included abusers. Unfortunately, these friendships can be harmful to your recovery.

Find new, supportive individuals in your community by joining a church group or volunteering. In addition, you may want to consider speaking with a drug and alcohol counselor since trained professionals can help find the right treatment for you.

Create Your Drug-Free Life

3. Create Your Drug-Free Life

Finally, imagine how your life would look in a drug-free state. Setting meaningful and achievable goals will give you something to look forward to and build your confidence. Similarly, find a new hobby to stimulate the mind or adopt a pet for companionship. Positive affirmations if you’re feeling depressed or anxious can help. Participating in the community will also help you keep focused on the sober lifestyle and prevent relapses. An important aspect of developing a drug-free lifestyle is to develop a structured daily schedule that you can consistently follow.