As real as ever, the struggle that so often accompanies alcoholism is recognizing the problem and finding the right solution. Unfortunately, there are health issues that are surrounded by many myths of alcoholism and its stereotypes. The best way to solve a problem is to become educated on the topic and then find a solution to its causes. Please take a look at the following guide to learn more about this disease that is a slow killer and to get the help you need.

Three Common Myths About Alcoholism

Myths About Alcoholism

Alcoholism Is Easy to Identify

There is a myth that alcoholics are all the same and that they are “easy” to identify. While there may be instances where there are glaring signs that your loved one is an alcoholic, the truth is there isn’t one type of person who struggles with alcoholism; alcoholism takes many forms and affects many different people. Some people are considered functioning alcoholics, which means they have careers and drink in their free time. They manage to make it seem as though they are fine, despite drinking excessively. The one thing all alcoholics do have in common however, is the actual illness and the need for help and support from their family and friends.


It’s Not an Addiction

Taking in excessive amounts of alcohol on a regular basis is not merely a bad habit or vice that can be easily overcome. As with substance abuse, alcoholism is an addiction that changes the chemistry of the brain. Alcoholics become physically, emotionally, and mentally dependent on liquor, and if they stop abruptly they may suffer from significant withdrawal symptoms. Side effects may include rapid heartbeat, tremors, and seizures. Without a professional detox facility, serious, life-threatening results could occur. 


You Have to Hit “Rock Bottom”

Many people struggling with alcoholism reach a point where they feel they have had enough and want to make a change. Many others don’t need to get to this point to stop drinking. They simply realize that continuing to drink the way they do will snowball into bigger problems, and they want to stop before things spiral out of control. This means it’s time to explore alcohol detox in your area.