People, who struggle with crack addiction, don’t intentionally set out to hurt you. It’s not that personal. They just want what they need to satisfy their want for the drug. Here is a guide on how to help a crack addict get clean. If you need help with helping a crack addict beat their crack cocaine addiction, we suggest a medically assisted rehab, followed by intensive inpatient treatment.

Crack Cocaine is an Addictive Drug

Crack cocaine is a drug that is a derivative of the drug cocaine. Crack cocaine is made when cocaine is added to other adulterants in a pot of boiling water until the mixture forms several crystals that look like little rocks. Crack cocaine gets its name by the cracking sound that the drug makes when smoked by the crack addict. Crack cocaine is a drug that is best quit cold turkey, but once the addict goes through the initial medical detox period, here are the steps after the crack detox that need to be taken to help a crack addict get clean.

How to Help a Crack Addict Get Clean

Avoid Other Stimulants

When trying to stay clean, one of the easiest mistakes to make is by replacing crack cocaine with other stimulants during recovery. Immediately after quitting using crack, there is a good chance that you will feel sluggish and very distracted during the period after getting clean. Reduce your exposure to legal stimulants, such as energy drinks and nicotine, which can be appealing because they cause a surge of energy because they are loaded with sugar.

However, energy drinks and nicotine can cause a variety of health problems. Legal stimulants with caffeine and sugar also force the brain to go through a cycle of energy rushes and crashes. That is a cycle that is similar to a crack binge. To find healing and to help the crack addict get clean, it is important to allow their brain to get relief from the roller coaster effects of the drug to heal. The brain has an extreme amount of difficulty recovering if one illegal drug is merely replaced with a legal one.

Crack Cocaine is an Addictive Drug

Avoid Isolation

It is important while helping a crack addict get clean is that they stay away from others who use drugs. Old friends can often provide an extra level of temptations and could introduce stressors that may tempt the user to user crack again. An offer of crack or being in the presence of someone with the drug, can cause a crack addict to immediately experience intense cravings to want to use again. Even still, it is important to reduce isolation while trying to help a crack addict get clean.

A symptom of crack withdrawal can cause depression and irritability. It can be difficult to reconnect with friends and family members when the addict has irritability or depression looming in the back of their mind. That can easily cause the addict to relapse and start using again. Rebuilding relationships with family and positive, non crack addict friends can be a positive experience. Connecting with a social support system can help with the recovery process.

Avoid the Old Lifestyle

The crack smoker leads a general unhealthy life. People who are addicted to crack usually have poor sleep habits and eat extremely unhealthy diets. Some of the old lifestyle choices can lead to the following:

  • Malnutrition
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inadequate sleep

Make your best attempt to help the former crack addict to adopt healthy habits. Healthy habits such as long walks, mindfulness meditations, deep breathing and yoga can help the former addict in recovery. In inpatient rehab, sober living classes are taught, but maintaining those healthy habits in the long term can help with withdrawal from crack cocaine.

Avoid the Old Lifestyle

Remember this When Helping a Crack Addict Get Clean

Recovering from a crack cocaine addiction is a challenge, to say the least. It is very easy to make a small mistake that can make staying clean even more difficult. Recovery from crack cocaine is not about changing just one part of the addicts lifestyle. Healthy habits need to be in place to have recovery in the long term and beat a crack cocaine addiction. Call the team at Better Wellness to realize long term recovery from a life with a crack cocaine addiction.