Drinking alcohol can lead to many serious consequences, such as impairing judgment, causing accident-related injuries, or even legal issues. The effects of underage drinking can compound these problems. To intervene with teens or anyone underage, drug and alcohol detox are available as well as abuse counseling. Adolescents can be adversely affected in a number of ways. 

What Are The Effects of Underage Drinking

Teenagers tend to use drugs and alcohol primarily because they are curious about them. Relaxing, feeling good, and having fun with friends are all reasons they choose to drink underage. Alcohol-impaired teens have a greater risk of falling, drowning, and being involved in other accidents. Besides these immediate dangers of drinking, those who consume alcohol early in life are also more likely to develop serious health problems later on, including alcoholism. It can lead to academic challenges, legal trouble, and even injury or death.

Four Immediate Effects of Underage Drinking

Health Issues From Alcohol

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can negatively impact anyone’s health, but it can have an especially harmful effect on teenagers. Knowing what alcohol does to your body is especially important. Teenage years are a time of major growth, and research shows that drinking during adolescence may impact brain development. The liver is also damaged by alcohol. Teenagers are susceptible to substance abuse because their prefrontal cortex is still developing. This is the area where their decision-making abilities come from. In addition, underage drinking causes damage to the heart and can increase the risk of cancer. Counseling for alcohol abuse can help prevent additional long-term effects. 

Drinking Underage Presents Academic Challenges

You may find that your child has more difficulty performing well in school if they consume alcohol. Since drinking often occurs at night, your child may stay up late, making them drowsy during the day. Their GPA may also be affected by alcohol use, according to studies. Drinking can also cause mood swings or behavior that is out of character. If your teen is suddenly getting in trouble at school, skipping classes, or engaging in other activities that aren’t typical, it may be a glaring sign that your loved one is an alcoholic.

Underage Drinking Leads to Legal Trouble

Underage Drinking Leads to Legal Trouble

Another unwanted effect of underage drinking is the host of legal issues that could arise. A child who is caught drinking could lose their driver’s license, face fines, and have to perform community service. Alcohol generally impairs a person, lessening the ability to make good decisions. Instead, they may choose riskily, or even life-threatening behaviors like drunk driving. Nearly 1,000 youth deaths occur yearly due to alcohol-impaired driving. Bad decisions under the influence of alcohol can lead to legal trouble, especially if someone is injured or worse. Recognizing how to spot alcohol abuse can save you and your loved one from these severe consequences.

Injuries Are An Effect of Underage Drinking

If someone who is underage consumes alcohol and then drives, they may seriously injure themselves or others in an accident since things like their judgment and response time are affected. However, this isn’t the only way injuries can occur as a result of underage drinking. Teenagers who drink too much can suffer from falls and hit their heads due to a lack of balance. Alcohol can cause dizziness, impaired vision, and poor response time, which can make even the simplest tasks difficult and possibly dangerous. What alcohol does to your body increases the likelihood of getting hurt.

Drinking Underage Presents Academic Challenges

Talk To Your Kids About the Effects of Underage Drinking

It’s important to talk to your kids about the effects of underage drinking. Helping them understand this and also the difference between substance use and substance abuse can help prevent serious health issues now and future drug or alcohol dependency in the future. It can avoid legal repercussions, serious injury, and even untimely death. Alcohol treatment is available to help your teen or underage youth recover from addiction.