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If you need an Atlanta addiction recovery center and you wnat to find you the best drug rehab in Atlanta, we follow an integrated and comprehensive approach to treating addictions and mental health issues. We have done the work to find the best drug rehabs in Atlanta so you don’t have to.

In addition to providing our clients with all-inclusive treatment services, we place the highest priority on client care. We strive to identify the challenges, concerns, and problems related to substance use and mental health disorders so that all of our patients can receive professional clinical treatment.

Addiction Recovery Center in Atlanta

We have taken the time find an Atlanta addiction recovery center that you can trust so you don’t have to. If you have ever had to search for an Atlanta addiction recovery center, you know that it can be stressful.

With so many drug and Alcohol treatment centers out there, how do you know which ones are good and which rehabs in Atlanta are bad? That’s where we come in.

We have researched and investigated all of the major drug treatments facilities to find you an Atlanta addiction recovery center that you can feel comfortable with and get the help you need now.

Finding An Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center For Drugs and Alcohol

If you want to find the best Atlanta addiction recovery center, look no further. We have worked with all the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta so we can connect you with the Atlanta addiction recovery center that best fits your needs. Our goal is to connect you with an Atlanta addiction recovery center that can lead you to a happy, healthy, sober, and successful life.

Alcohol and drugs can lead to bad health, family problems, jail, or even death from overdose. Drug and alcohol treatment is very unique to the individual and the Atlanta addiction recovery center you go to should be able to cater to your needs. Addiction and alcoholism can be treated by the right addiction councilors, therapist, 12-step support groups, and compassion.


Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center

Benefits of drug and alcohol detox

Benefits of drug and alcohol detox

This is the process whereby you let the body remove the drugs from itself. Below are the benefits of drug and alcohol detox. 

Physical material

Problems that come with drug addiction include tremendous stress, heart, lungs, and liver problems. By completing a detoxification program, you get your appetite back, and you will start to look healthier and have more energy. 


It is evident from many drug addicts that they have financial difficulties in supporting their addiction problem. By overcoming addiction, you can direct your finances where they are most needed.


Drug addiction occupies your mind and leaves little room to feel a sense of peace or to connect with other people. By completing detox, you can easily focus on your body and mind. 


Drug abuse damages the mental state of a person. It also leads to mental health disorders while at the same time triggering the existing mental issues. Drug detox helps deal with any mental health disorders.

Although detox comes with many challenges, the results are worth the time and effort.


Medication-Assisted Treatment

Benefits of medication-assisted treatment

Benefits of medication-assisted treatment

Although there are no direct means to recovering from drug addiction, it is a fight that can be won as long as one is determined to win. Below are the benefits of medication-assisted treatment.

It works

MAT is a more effective treatment program for drug addiction when compared to other treatment methods. MAT programs treat various aspects of a patient. 

It is affordable

By using MAT, you get value for your finances. Therefore, whether you are dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, MAT is accessible on cost matters. 

It allows greater freedom

There is no apparent difference between MAT and residential treatment. This is because many residential treatment facilities use MAT either during detoxification or throughout the treatment. MAT will allow you to go back tour everyday life while receiving treatment. 

Depending on the type of addiction, you can choose a program that will help you recover.


Women's Only Group Therapy

Benefits of women’s only group therapy

Benefits of women’s only group therapy

There are so many addictions and problems that many women are fighting in silence. It is therefore vital to choose the appropriate therapy program. Below are the benefits of women’s only group therapy.

Safety and security 

Past sexual abuses or violence are sometimes reasons why women may end up as drug addicts. It is difficult for women to open up about these abuses in a setting where men are present, unlike in a women’s only set.

A nurturing environment

In a women’s only group therapy, they are likely to support one another during recovery. They create a strong bond since they have the same addiction problems and thus prevent relapse.

Personalized therapy

Women’s only group facilities are equipped and ready to solve problems that are facing many women. Therefore, women will not feel guilty when entering this program.

For a woman, it is more beneficial to go to a women’s only group therapy, for you will find other women with the same addiction who will not judge you.

Intensive Inpatient Treatment

Benefits of intensive inpatient treatment

Benefits of intensive inpatient treatment

Intensive inpatient treatment is whereby a patient is taken to a rehab center for a specific amount of time, depending on his addiction level. Below are benefits of intensive treatment. 

24/7 medical support

One of the main benefits of inpatient treatment is round-the-clock medical supervision. You can access medical care during your entire stay at the facility.


The structures of intensive inpatient treatment provide daily routines where patients engage in eliminating any distractions. 

Safe and supportive environment

Patients stay in a safe and supportive environment where people understand what each patient is going through surrounding them.

Multiple treatments and therapies

It involves mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical therapies, and thus patients learn about adverse decisions associated with drug and substance abuse.

Intensive inpatient treatment is one of the best programs and more effective when dealing with drug and alcohol addiction.


Men's Only Group Therapy

Benefits of men’s only group therapy

Benefits of men’s only group therapy

Drug addiction knows no gender, and that is why it is always advisable to find a solution to fight this vice. Below are the benefits of men’s only group therapy.

Being comfortable

Men are generally comfortable and relaxed alongside fellow men in the same treatment program. This is because, with time, they develop a strong bond and trust among each other. 

Stronger communication

An addiction conversation is only more effective if the patients are of the same gender. It is easier to bond and communicate with patients of the same gender and vice versa. 

Fewer distractions

Men’s only group therapy ensures that there are no romantic distractions and there is more concentration and focus in the program leading to a higher success rate.

Less judgment

Men feel that they will not be judged by their fellow men when they open up about their struggles. They talk freely and openly while talking about their addiction when no women are present. 

There is always a solution to addiction. Therefore, go for one that will work for you.


Benefits of intensive outpatient treatment

Benefits of intensive outpatient treatment

An intensive outpatient treatment program involves the patient walking into a treatment center, maybe for a few days of the week or daily, and going to their homes later the same day. Below are the benefits of intensive outpatient treatment.

Support family

An intensive outpatient treatment program gives you the ability to maintain your family responsibilities while on the road to recovery. This is more so where there are young kids involved.

Lower cost 

Unlike inpatient treatment programs, the cost involved in outpatient treatment is relatively low. Many patients fighting addiction prefer this program because of the costs in question.

Get help from relatives and close friends

The outpatient treatment program is ideal for patients who have relatives and friends willing to help them fully recover from addiction.

Keep your privacy

Many patients are afraid of the embarrassment and shame that comes with drug addiction. Fellow outpatients will make you feel safe while in your community.

The main goal of any treatment program is to ensure that you fully recover and go back to your community as a better person.


Benefits of partial hospitalization program

Benefits of partial hospitalization program

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a program whereby you spend a few hours of the day in the hospital getting treatment and going back to your home. Below are the benefits of a partial hospitalization program (PHP).

Access to a group and individual therapy

During a partial hospitalization program (PHP), you work in a group and your therapy. This will help you learn about your mental health and addiction and deal with the symptoms they bring.

Highly effective outpatient care

PHP is just a downgrade of residential care. This is the best treatment for patients who need intensive therapy for their addiction but choose to live at home. 

Intense treatment

Unlike traditional outpatient treatment, PHP is more significant. The patient spends more time in treatment therapies and thus has a better chance of overcoming his addiction problems.

There is a chance of overcoming any drug addiction with the right attitude and therapy.

Sober Living Residences

Benefits of sober living residences

Benefits of sober living residences

Recovery is not an easy journey and thus requires sacrifices. After coming from therapy, the environment you go back to may determine if you relapse or stay drug-free. Below are the benefits of sober living residences.

Constant support and guidance

In a sober living residence, you surround yourself with people who not only support your recovery but who hold you accountable daily. 

Meaningful, sober relationships

You create meaningful and sober relationships while in sober living residences. You will meet friends who understand what it feels like to crave drugs, use them, lose control, and support your recovery.


While on your way to sobriety and the recovery path, you will start to take control of your life back. That independence will go a long way in helping you find a job or even take the necessary route to be successful.

Upon therapy completion, make sure that you stay in a drug-free environment to avoid relapse.

Atlanta Addiction Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol

Our treatment philosophy is based on an integrated and holistic approach to substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is dedicated to helping those seeking long-term recovery find their own path.

As evidence-based, therapeutically proven clinical practices are utilized, we leave nothing to guesswork. The highest priority we place on patient care is offering them all-inclusive services. We can place you in an Atlanta detox center and then sign you up with the best intensive outpatient program Atlanta has ever seen.

How do We Qualify Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Atlanta?

Not all Atlanta addiction recovery centers are the same. There are some amazing drug treatment centers in Atlanta that will give you the results you are looking for and here is how we connect you with the best Atlanta addiction recovery center:

We Research Every Atlanta Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

These are some of the following things we look for when we qualify the addiction centers that we work with:

  • The Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center Staff – How qualified is the treatment team and other staff members? A good Atlanta addiction recovery center will have masters level therapists, certified addiction councilors, 24 hour techs, and medical staff. We also like for most of the staff to be in recovery so they can relate to the clients better.
  • The Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center Facility – How nice is the addiction recovery center? When you are going through this difficult stage of life you want to be as comfortable as possible so we only work with treatment centers that have nice, new, and luxury treatment facilities.
  • The Drug & Alcohol Treatment Plan – We find you the Atlanta addiction recovery center that can provide you with an evidence based drug and alcohol treatment plan that will be successful and give you the tools for sobriety that you need like an Atlanta PHP program that really delivers the results.

How Much Does a Good Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center Cost?

The cost of alcohol and drug treatment can be expensive and that can become another roadblock to sobriety if you don’t happen to have piles of cash just laying around for treatment.

If an Atlanta addiction recovery center doesn’t accept all major health insurance providers, we don’t work with them.

With our network of addiction and alcoholism providers, you could possibly get into the best drug rehab in Atlanta at little or no cost with the right health insurance.

best drug rehab in Atlanta

"Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life."

J.K. Rowling

"One of the hardest things was learning that I was worth recovery."

Demi Lovato

"Recovery is all about using our power to change our beliefs that are based on faulty data"

Kevin McCormick

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